Why Choose BASS Outdoor Advertising?

  • Outdoor advertising presents unique advantages in a world of clicks, shares, likes & page-views often overwhelming consumers to “opt-in” or actively choose whether to participate.
  • Affluent consumers with significant disposable income account for more than 44% of American households spending upwards of 70% of their time away from home.
  • Incorporating traditional or digital outdoor marketing into your social & mobile media portfolio can increase consumer reach by effectively immersing desired audience.

Board Types

Digital | Painted | Adhesive Vinyl | Flex Vinyl

Static Billboards

Painted – Painted billboards should not be used for detailed designs, but, since they usually last for one to three years, they are great for advertisers with a long-term contract on the same location.

Adhesive Vinyl – Adhesive vinyl billboards are also best for long-term contracts since they cannot be moved, and these billboards can have more complicated designs.

Flex Vinyl – Flex vinyl billboards can have complicated designs and have the added bonus of being very easy to move, so if you want to rotate your advertisement to various locations, this is a great option.

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Digital Billboards

LED – Digital billboards (made up of thousands of LEDs) change between multiple images. This means that one advertiser can display multiple products or services, or multiple advertisers can use the same space.

Allow advertisers to change their sales pitches instantly, with the click of a computer mouse, from hundreds of miles away.

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Board Sizes

10' x 35' | 12' x 40' | 30' x 40'

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